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I just joined and here I am in the Tenerife forum. It says there are no posts and invited me to be the first to make one. I think the last thing I was first at was the egg and spoon race at Greenfaulds High in 1976 so how could I resist?

My name is Julie and I've lived in Tenerife since Aug 2000. Both my babes were born here which makes them true Tinerfeños, I guess. Not that they are babies anymore. The eldest is seven soon to be eight and the littlest one is five. They both run rings round their old ma.

I also have assorted pets and last but not least my partner in crime Nino, whom I met in Thailand many, many moons ago.

So that's me. Not very exciting but it's a start. How about you?

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    Lovely to hear from you. I made that post so long ago that my daughter is now coming up for her ninth birthday and my sonis 6 and a half. LOL.

    As you like cinema have you seen the Titans movie that was filmed here?

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    Hi Julie,
    I have been here for 5 yrs play tennis walk like cinema and am a counsellor on line I have two sons who live in the UK

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