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Schooling in Barcelona

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My family are moving to Barcelona in July and we need to find a school for our oldest son who is 8.

We visited Barcelona at the weekend hoping to find an area we wanted to stay in but its such a big city we are still undecided. To help narrow it down I'd like to find out if there are areas that would have a school better suited to my son, as we come from a fairly small city in Scotland and Barcelona is so big and busy.

We stayed in Poblenou when we were over and it seemed very quiet, does anyone know what the schools are like there? I'm just starting to panick that my son will find it hard to adjust, we are planning to integrate as much as we can (as we still need to learn the language) into Spanish/Catalan life so looking for any advice on how to do that and any tips for helping kids settle.

We have a younger 2 year old son and a baby as well.

Thank you,


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