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Trying to trace Spanish relatives

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Hi everyone - can anyone help me? I am trying to trace family who I have never met in Spain, with very little information to help. My father is Spanish but I have never known him, just one meeting many years ago. I know that I have 2 sisters and a brother who I have never met. I gave up a long time ago trying to make contact with my family as I do not speak English and have such little information about them that I believed that the search was futile. But can you possibly help me? I know their names and some brief personal information. Each year that passes makes me feel that time is running out, I am 50 years old now. If you think you could help me at all, please get in touch. I have considered trying Spanish Facebook pages but I really wouldn't know where to start, especially being English speaking. If anyone can offer any advice as to where I might begin, please let me know - I would be so very grateful.

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