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Hi everybody, I thought I would create this forum so new members in the Madrid community can introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we get to know each other..

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    Hi, my name's Libby and I've just moved from England to Madrid.
    I'll be working here until mid December and would love to meet new people, try and see new things and just generally make the most of my time here!
    As I'm here as part of my university course (Spanish and international relations) I would love to practice my Spanish as much as possible.
    So, if anyone knows of ways to meet new people, do and see things around Madrid and Spain more generally and practice my Spanish on a budget let me know!

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Gabby, I grew up in Madrid and now go to college in the U.S. I´m doing an internship in Madrid this summer and am looking to meet other American students, nice to meet you all!

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    Hi everyone! I'm Madelon from the Netherlands, I am currently doing an internship here in Madrid. Looking forward to meet more Madrileños soon!

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    Hi all, living in Madrid as well :)

  • Toña Gonzalez

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    Hey all, hope everything is going well for you all! I have fallen in love with our flat and area that we live in!
    Recently went to Sol which was a lovely day out :D

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Pete and I have recently moved to Madrid after 10 months travelling. I am currently working at Just Landed. I am looking forward to experiencing everything Madrid has to offer and hopefully to improve my Spanish.

  • Toña Gonzalez

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    2 weeks and 5 days to go before my feet touch Spanish soil!

    Hey everyone I'm Toña, I don't really know what to say with these forums but hey :) I can't wait to arrive, my boyfriend arrived last Saturday, getting our place sorted, I have waited due to completing a year at work etc.
    I really hope I will be lucky making friends and once my N.I.E number is sorted, have a good work life.
    I am really pushing my Spanish (still a beginner), I've been using and apparently it says I am 45% fluent but I don't feel it, more practice, practice and practice, I am currently struggling with past tense and I have managed to conquer (just about) indirect object pronouns lol.

    Anyway I'm a geek and in to all sorts, curious what the pool tables are like/ teams in Madrid as I play for a pub league in UK (will have to remember past tense for that upon arriving) :D

    Anyhow feel free to say hey, have to admit I'm nervous but excited!


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    Hello everyone,

    I've recently arrived in Madrid - currently living and working here and enjoying everything Madrid has to offer. I fell in love with Spanish culture during a holiday last December and decided to make the final move. I've recently joined the Just Landed team and am very excited to be here. I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading, learning new languages (fluent in FR, EN, IT & SP), watching movies, running and much more.

    I wish all new Expats here a great time. This city will surely receive you with open arms.

    Best. Vince

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    Hey there,

    I'm Beroiz and I'm spanish. I live in Madrid and I've just started working in Just Landed!

    I would like to know more about the people in this community, how do you like the city?

    If it's your first summer here just let you know that it hasn't been this hot in Madrid since a long, long time!

    I would suggest you go for the weekend somewhere nearby and cooler, maybe Rascafría or La Granja (both easy to reach by train/bus!).
    Kind regards to everyone!

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    Hi all,

    My name is Jamie Thompson and I have been living in Madrid for almost two years working as a Language Assistant in a high school.

    That's recently come to an end and today have started an internship with Just Landed.

    I want to stay in Madrid for as long as I can, although I would like to find a flat with air conditioning...

    Hope you're all enjoying your stay here!

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