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Hi everybody, I thought I would create this forum so new members in the Madrid community can introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we get to know each other..

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    My name is Iain and i have just moved to Madrid from the London. Im looking to meet people and learn Spanish. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Michael Kuy

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    I'm working here in Madrid until the summer and I've been here about 5 months. Definitely would like to meet and explore Madrid and the rest of Spain with a group of soon-to-be friends.

  • Alberto M. Arenas

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    I´ve been living here most of my life and I´d like to meet some foreigners too.

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    Hi all,
    My name is Jean-Paul. I'm from Belgium and living near Madrid(LAs Rozas de Madrid) would like to meet new people to hang out and have fun in Madrid


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    Saludos del California

    Saludos a todos. Vivo en California donde he vivido casi todo mi vida.
    Soy nacido en Kansas pero me canse de vivir alla. Es un chiste mio che siempre digo a la gente. Fui maestro de espanol por muchos anos. No soy hispano parlante nativo pero tengo muchos anos hablando espanol.
    Vivi en Italia por 2 anos y despues de regresar a California aprendi espanol. Ahora enseno italiano en la noche a los adultos. Todos haban espanol y aprendan facilmente italiano. Penso che es una cosa muy importante de saber. Si sabes espanol puedes aprender facilmente italiano y portuguese. Frances es un poco mas dificil pero mas facil si hablas espanol.

    Penso hacer un viaje a Madrid un dia subito.

    Si necesitan ayuda con el espanol o l'italiano soy aqui para serverles.

    If you need help with your Spanish or Italian I'd be glad to help.


    Gracias, David

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    I´m here for 2 months now and I like the city very much. Unfortunately I don´t know many madrileños yet, but I hope that will change soon.

  • Olga Zredzki

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    Hi Karl! I guess I do the start! I've been in Madrid for 3 months now and enjoy it a lot. I'm looking forward to meet more people here soon!

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