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Do Not Work For Iale International School

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It is 2021 and things have not changed in this school from previous posts. Bear in mind it is no longer known as Elians, This is Iale International School and it is not a school for native English teachers. I have worked in other private schools in Spain and took this job because I thought I had seen it all, but I hadn´t, and this is by far the worst. The employees who endure this company are Spanish, they team up together and protect each other because it is ultimately a terrible company to work for. They are also so used to native English teachers coming and going that they make very little effort and some won´t even greet you. The director came in as a Teaching assistant, married the owner who appointed her as Director. She values the indispensable, some of management and has very little or no value towards teachers. Worse still, if you disagree with her then she has the potential to shout at you and verbally abuse you in front of others, including children! This is the worst conduct I have ever witnessed in a job and the Management team do nothing. Read that again, Management do NOTHING. She will treat you as disposable because that is exactly what you are in this place. There is no support or protection at all. She lacks the professionalism to successfully manage her position and maintain native English speakers and worse still, she nor the company cares. It has been running like this for years! She will fire a competent employee on any last day of term if she wants to. It´s usually because they stick up for their rights or refuse to be submissive and has nothing to do with their teaching ability or passion for their job. She will then lie to the parents to cover up the real reason why their children have lost a teacher. For a doctor´s appointment you have to visit her personally with a paper to get approved. Most other companies have a system in place where you can get doctors appointments easily. She believes that a Director should be present and accessible around the school but with a director like this, the place would function better if she kept herself behind closed doors and the atmosphere would be better too. The positives of the place are there are some friendly staff, the students are fantastic and the job itself isn´t so bad. To put it in a nut shell, the job is like a dragged out summer camp with a vulgar director. You could potentially last the full year If you don´t mind long hours with a long commute on top, bossy or indifferent working colleagues, dragged out staff meetings, weekend work, a July summer camp that´s compulsory or you won´t get paid. They also pay the minimum. Other private Spanish schools I have worked in have had respectful, professional leaders who know how to keep their cool. There are schools that pay more with much better conditions. I would not recommend this place to any teacher, even the desperate.

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