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Elians (iep Group) Schools

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As a top class secondary school teacher (qualifications: 1st Class Hons / MA with distinction. Experience Archbishop's School Canterbury team that gained Ofsted "Outstanding" result under the excellent inspirational Head Alasdair Hogarth.) I came to work in Elians La Nucia for my last years berfore retirement and was there for six years.

Due to the APPALLING management of CEO Tim Lakin, I launched various initiatives to gain union representation for the staff and was summarily dismissed in March 2018 with a dismissal letter which totally blackened my professional reputation. I have not been able to work until this was cleared up, and I was awarded compensation by the Industrial Tribunal in Alicante in February 2019, so now have received compensation in my bank account from Elians and can speak freely.

Do not consider working for this group (IEP is a subsidiary of IES Sweden) who are a nightmare of gigantic proportions and the staff/management relationship is one of serf/master. Ignore this at your peril. More info here:


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