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I've just been really grateful to a tip given to me about a school in the Italy forum, so felt I should return the favour in some kind of karma. I have taught in Valencia this year in a few language centres and schools and have heard the WORST things about Iale/Elians bilingual school. They go through teachers every few months, no British teacher has stayed for a full contract, you don't get sick pay (in fact, get deducted more than a day's pay for each day sick and still have to get a medical certificate), have regular weekend meetings, expected to do their summer camp during the holidays, have no PPA time, have to do duties every day, and the headteacher is on a complete power trip. She expects children to be silent and doesn't even allow teachers to have bottles of water because it's unprofessional. When you factor in that they will not pay for your translation fees and will shaft you for summer holiday pay by ending your contract in June, it's dud pay too. You're basically just there to give a pound of flesh and keep the reputation of the school (there is a lot of grade fixing to keep parents happy). I've even heard a rumour that some staff take bets on how long a British teacher will last!
Having said that - could be a good career break if you don't mind long hours and can tune out a bit. The actual quality of teaching is never going to be a problem, you can just turn up and roll out of a textbook. The hours are long but it's easy. Just pretend you're working in a factory and it's about right. Brilliant if you can switch off (and booze is so cheap here that you could just become an alcoholic). If you're a summer camp veteran looking to make a move to teaching, this could be OK. There really are better schools to work at in Valencia though if you've got the skills.
I must stress that all this is just rumour, but I haven't seen anyone else make it public and I've heard it often enough to believe it. I don't know anyone who has taught there particularly well (they never have any free time), so maybe someone can confirm or deny.

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    I worked at their LaNucia campus for 4years and can comfirm everything mentiuoned above. The only motivationj from the family is profit and theyu lie and cheat parents, students and staff to make as much as they can. In addition to this the schools are run by incompetent managers who would not even get a coordinators rolew in any other school. As a consquence their is no real leadership or planning and the hours and conditions expected are totally unreasonable as well as unprofessional. They play with contracts and like the incentive of small black money payments.

    Don´t work here few people stay long.

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    I feel its my professional duty to confirm everything commented on in this stream. All the rumours heard in the first post are completely accurate and I would advise anyone, NOT TO WORK HERE. Ive been a teacher for six years, five of which in innner-city London. IALE is by far the most unorganised, unfriendly, unethical and corrupt place I have ever worked at.
    The resources are below adequate, attitudes towards education are based upon profits and unnecessary levels of inaptitude.
    There were five of us who left within one year. Some due to extreme levels of stress, which was unsupported and not dealt with. In my case, I was blackmailed into staying longer than I had originally planned. I left and was re-employed elsewhere within 4 hours.
    I cannnot stress highly enough, do not work here. If you want/need work in Valencia, there are ample jobs for teachers and native English speakers.

    Believe the rumours, for once they are entirely based on the truth.

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