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    Iale School update

    posted by  bcfc bex in Valencia forum 

    Hello again.

    Just thought I would update my comments from before, We are now coming up to the Easter holidays with a full contingent of English staff who have not only stayed for the whole year, but are all keen to continue into next year. I think that this is a first for the school and should be seen as a reflection of all the hard work that we have put in.

    The directors have fulfilled every one of the promises that they made last year. The English department has far more resources, more freedom and creativity. We have taken part in a few proper CPD opportunities this year and we are constantly looking for ways to continue to improve next year.

    There is still some way to go in improving the school, but each little step makes a huge difference. We are currently advertising for positions, however this is not due to anyone leaving but rather to expansion of the school. I would urge anyone who is hardworking, committed and enthusiastic to consider applying for a job at Iale Elians.

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