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    I think the info you have here is actually better than most schools based on other forums I've seen. If you've taught in Thailand then you'll be familiar with the "them and us" and that the photos are more important than anything else. Having taught in a few more schools outside of Britain (and seen the increasing 'pound of flesh' mentality in the UK), I don't think Iale is exceptionally evil, just egocentric.
    It's stressful and the hours are long, and many of the children are typically indulged brats who take a lot of behaviour management. Nobody seems to have their own classroom either which makes resourcing difficult, you can't just buy all the stuff the school won't give you and set up your own enclave of learning.
    I think if you approach this with the attitude you needed in Thailand (I'm a white face, even if I cut every corner nobody will really notice or care as long as I do the hours), then you should be fine. And as Stella pointed out, even though it is an employers market at the moment, well-qualified staff are still in short supply and any language school will happily take you. I'd recommend the British School in Puzol if you decide you need a change. There was another international in Castellon de la Plena which I heard good things about from staff but I can't remember the name.
    Good luck!

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