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    I agree with Gabriel, Bex makes some good points and I can believe that they are making efforts to improve, and that some things have changed. Some of the problems they have are a result of where they are (family nepotism was a good summary), but the expat teacher needs to be aware of this. Maybe it will put them off Iale, maybe it will put them off the whole private sector in Spain, but it's about information. The reason I started this thread was because I had seen how the management had a chew them up and spit them out attitude to foreign staff, and lost some staff who were doing very well just because the school was too demanding and did not offer any support. I don't think this thread would discourage anyone who would find themselves happy at Iale, but it just might save a few people from rushing into a bad decision. Ultimately that has to benefit the school too with lower turnover. If you're looking for a nice escape from the rigours of teaching in the UK, forget it. And if you want career advancement but aren't bilingual and willing to suck up, then forget that too. And job security can be on the whim of individuals. I'm sure there are plenty of worse places to work - they probably have their own threads too.

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