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Hi, My name is Babs and I am hoping to move to Alicante region in next year or so. We are trying to plan ahead as much as possible. There will be myself, my partner, my grown up son and my daughter and her partner.
Although we are looking on this as semi retirement, I will continue teaching English as a foreign language. My partner does allsorts, welding, mechanics, decorating etc etc. Both lads are qualified builders, plasterers, tilers decorators with one having vast knowledge of car repair/electrics/body work. My daughter is an experienced carer for autism, hoping to start a new business along this line.
We realise, as in the UK, life isnt a walk in the park but we know we can sustain and enjoy our new planned lives.
Could anyone give us some idea of costings for land line and broadband installation and monthly costs and also satellite tv?
On average, for a 3-4 bedroom home, what are monthly outgoings? Water/ electricity etc.
Is there a similar charge to UK council tax?
are there any other regular bills we should be aware of
any advice - gratefully received


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    thanks for your frank and detailed response.
    To be honest. we are not going to be totally reliant on working once there - we live ok here on what we have so i imagine we will manage ok over there - the grown up kids will do what they can - every which way but loose lol.
    we are going to rent - I keep checking your website for whats available - many would suit. i fully intend contacting you when ready to move.
    what would work prospects be like for the lads? building/plastering/welding/mechanics etc
    your input is much appreciated

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    Hi Babs,

    I hope all works out for you regarding your forthcoming move to these sunny shores.

    You did not state if you are going to buy or rent as this will effect some of the costs associated with living here.

    The council tax (IBI) is much cheaper than in the UK, with Urban 3/4 bed villas costing between 500-700€ per annum and rustic villas (country villas on very large plots) costing between 200 and 500€ per year, but costs vary depending on the town hall.

    Electricity is comparable to the UK and the costs rise in the summer with the use of aircon and the pool pump working longer hours etc. You need to budget around 100€ per months for electricity. Gas is supplied by bottles unless you are in the middle of an urban area and is used mainly for hot water, cookers, portable heaters in the winter.

    Satellite tv is free if you purchase a freesat box in the UK and already have a sat dish on the property, or you can bring your existing sky box with you (don't mention it to sky though).

    Work is another situation altogether. I know many "English" teachers looking for work. There are as many people willing to teach English to the Spanish as there are Spanish looking to learrn. There are schools in Alicante city shutting down for the lack of work. Your daughter needs to check with the Spanish health authorities if her UK qualifications actually count for anything in Spain as she may have to retrain in Spain. There are lots of licenses and qualifications required to work in the health sector here.

    There are some small local taxes for bins and sewers but these vary locally. I pay 104€ per year for these facilities, but some areas these are added to the water bills.

    My website has a section on living in the area and my lawyers have a super site in English regarding the buying process.

    Sorry to sound a little negative, but Spain to live and work in is a massively different prospect to the holiday Spain, especially in these trying times. It is a beautiful, vibrant, exciting and hot place to live and work, but without language skills and necessary qualifications you are competing with a struggling economy and millions of out of work people.



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