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1 month trip to Sri Lanka 13/01-2012 - 12/02-2012

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Hello from Denmark.

I have booked a trip together with my 2 boys, 7 and 10 years old! I want to show them the world and think they now have the ages, so we can start to learn about other cultures and countries.

The first trip is to Sri Lanka.

If somebody thinks it could be interesting, having some danish people for visit, we would be happy and interested. Also that my kids can meet other kids during our trip!

Also, if someone maybe have some experiences or know some links - that can make our trip even more instructive, exiting, fun, beautyfull etc. I would be very thanksfull.

I Hope hearing from someone
BEst Regards
Dorte Kaare

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  • lasitha jayarathna

    posted by  in Sri Lanka forum 

    hi i would like to help you,not for money,just to fun becouse i also like to travel

  • saliya weerakkody

    posted by  in Sri Lanka forum 

    thank s you massge. i am sarch to you name in skyp call, i add/to you namme you not my reqest. contack to my skyp , saliyacyclingsrilanka, my home /tp/ no 94112895951
    thank s you very much

  • posted by  in Sri Lanka forum 

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  • saliya weerakkody

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    hello dorte
    thanks you email. you vist in sri lanka 2 kids .congratulation. dear i am rady you vist in sri lanka, this my hobis. my car and my home rady please contack my e mail add/ [...], skype saliyacyclingsrilanka,

    thank s regards
    saliya(sri lanka)

  • posted by  in Sri Lanka forum 

    i can helf you. {[...]}

  • saliya weerakkody

    posted by  in Sri Lanka forum 

    dear sister
    i am to day you latter to reding, now i rady to you trip sports dear what you desid to help ? i rady all supots , comming my country very butefull. my car. and my home stanbye, dear contack my e mail add/([...]) skype,(saliyacyclingsrilanka) my contack no res/tp no 94112895951, dear sister no worry i am rady you and 2 sons full ecomadaiton and full saffty. reding my profile fasebook -saliyaweerakkody,
    thanks so much
    god bless saliya weerakkody

  • uwais fasary

    i can help to you and your family (1 month)

    posted by  uwais fasary in Sri Lanka forum 

    dear Dorte Kaare,
    i am fasary uwais as a sales excecutive all island (all sri lanka) i am staying near the bentota beach area..
    i proud of you madam,because you like to first time visit this (small island) beautifull country.not enough to 30 days but i think you dont have time to stay more than 30 days.its ok i can help for this 1 month holiday may be you cannot foget your all life.hahahhahaa.... also i have good comfortable small van (7 passenger can travel) and i can arrange hotel also pure natural place near river or sea..
    my mail id:[...]
    i hope you will joining with us..
    best reagards,
    fasary uwais.(like a justlanded friend)

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    Glad to hear that You intend visiting my beautiful country with nice smiling people,
    If you require any informationplease send me a mail [...].
    I am in the Travel Trade and involved in Tourism (*In Bound). Also I have workde in Airlines .

    Regards Edga

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