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I need help :)

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Hello everyone,

I am planing to move in Sweden, Nortbottens Iän, with my partner, but we are non EU citizens , so first thing we need to do is to find a job in Sweden . Does anyone know what is the best site to apply for job in Nortbottens Iän ? I found few sites but non of them had a job offers in Northern Sweden , so I would be very greatfull if someone could help me.

Thank you very much .


  • Marijana Markovic

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    Moving is not problem for me, got just one suitcase :D but thanks anyway :D

  • Marijana Markovic

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    Thank you very much for reply, I've searched a lot for English speakers jobs, but didnt have any luck, so I learn Swedish intensively now, hope it will help :D See you in Swedeeen some day :D

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    Hi, First of all a hearty welcome to Sweden. You can contact for any job searching website like monster or jobsafari. Recently I shifted to Sweden and I really faced difficulty while my relocation. I contacted packers and movers Actus Flytt ( ) . Make sure you move stress fully and then concentrate on your job search. There a lots of opportunity. Good luck!

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    There are several job consultancies providing job opportunities to the English speaking people in Sweden. In this bellow website there are some good consultancies details available.

    Even also provide full time and part time job opportunities for English speakers in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteberg, Kalmar, Visby, Uppsala, Linköping and several other cities in Sweden.

  • Marijana Markovic

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    Dear Elisa,

    Thank you very much for reply :) I knew already for a jobsafari, but is new for me , I hope I ll find something there.

    Well, I my looking for any kind of job . I have a high school diploma ( gymnasium 4 years ). I am currently studying medical laboratory engineering.

    So I dont know what kind of a job could i get with gymnasium diploma...That is the part where i need help :D
    I believe you are from Sweden, so can you tell me what to look for ? Can I apply for jobs like shop worker, something with animals, factory jobs ? Believe, I would do anything that could provide me 1500 euros a month ( that is how much migration base requires so we ( non eu) could get a work permission . I plan to come in Sweden with my partner ( we are not married) . He has university diploma. He is teacher of German language in highschool . So he is also willing to work any kind og job for 1500 euros, I believe that 3000 euros together would be enough for two of us to live till we get better chances :)

    So, if you have some tips , or opinion about our education levels, I would be grateful to hear it :)

    If you like , you can write me on my e mail adress : [...]

    Thank you very very very much :)

    Greetings from Bosnia


  • Elisa Malliaraki

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    First of all i wish you good luck in your efford...
    Sweden is a good country to move in,especially for the non-European citizens :)
    A good site where i always find something is Monster. ( or and Jobbsafari ( What kind of jobs are you looking for?
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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