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looking for a private swedish tutor/teacher

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Hi there !

anyone know of a private swedish teacher/tutor in stockholm ? i dont want to use a language school...



  • Anneli Haake

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    My name is Dr. Anneli Haake. I am a native Swedish teacher who offers Swedish lessons via Skype. Every aspect of the Swedish language can be covered, from basic beginners to advanced business/academic, and I teach both in person and via Skype.

    I have taught over 2,500 hours since 2005 to adult learners in Europe, Asia and US and I have three university degrees: PhD, a teaching degree (Postgrad Cert. in Higher Education) and a BA (Hons).

    I will help you to develop your Swedish listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a focus on how to really sound like a native speaker.

    Special offer: 10 lessons for £199 (20% discount)

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Hälsningar - Greetings,

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    Hej! I offer Swedish tutoring on-line, private classes.

    Learning a new language should be fun and without stress! For many it is hard to fit in language training in a busy schedule. On-line tutoring can often solve that problem. The Swedish classes I offer are usually half hour conversations and it works well. I am flexible when it comes to timing and recurrence, and my students can choose if and how much work they want to do in between our sessions.
    Taking the first step can sometimes seem hard. But guess what, that first step is just an e-mail or a phone call!
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    do you have any ideas on private tutors ??[url=]brautundabendklei[/url]

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    Check out

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    Hello Ingrid!

    I can help you with the language. Teaching Swedish is a great pleasure. You could take a look at my profile so that you can learn about me more. I could give you a trial lesson if you want, so that you see if you like it.

    I am not a native speaker but that allows me to be able to explain all the rules for a foreign person. I have good knowledge of grammar and phonetics and I promice it's going to be very interesting to learn Swedish!



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    Have you tried to search a private tutor online? I began to learn Swedish a while ago and I chose a private tutor.

    Check this out!

    Maybe you could ask for a trial class or something

    Another option is to contact Folkuniversitetet. They may have some private tuition too.

    They have group classes, around 8 people. Not too bad.

    I hope this info helps

    Kind regards,


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    private tutors are not to comon in sweden it's only the wery rich who have one, And i don't know wher they hire them i can't find any compani that have one you could call 46 118 118 (46 is swedens country code) and ask them it's a service that finds information for you, and english is not a problem. If you should work hear for a short while you could use english only most of the peoble speak english to.


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    hi simon,

    i know but it;s my company paying :-) do you have any ideas on private tutors ??


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    if you don't want to use a language school you need to have a fair bitt of cash for a private teacher.

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