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Moving to Göteborg, Sweden

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Me and my girlfriend want to move to Göteborg, for a living. We gathered enough money, and we want to work and live there. The problem is that without a place to be, we cannot get personnummer, and without that, we cannot work. So the problem is that we don't have any family members (right, we have, but they haven't even replied to our letter...) who could help, nor any friends there.

So, if anyone could help, at least in what should we do to get out there, please...

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  • Robin W

    posted by  in Göteborg forum 

    I would recommend you to not go here because its really hard to get a job here.
    And to find an apartment is almost impossible in these days, thats why i am moving from Göteborg in some months.

    But i wish you good luck with your planned move.
    If there are anything you need help with i will try to respond as good as i can.

    Sincerely Robin

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