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After 1 year among boring and xenophobic Zurich people, wanting to go back home

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I just wanted to share with you some experiences I've been having and hearing here in Switzerland, as it is hard for me to talk with my Swiss partner about it. So here it goes... I moved to Switzerland because of my partner who I met when he was on holidays in Brazil. I really never informed myself in forums like these and as I was so in love and I've always been adventurous (I was for exchange in Germany already) , I finished my studies and came to live with him. I thought it would be pretty easy because I have a good business career and experience, my German level was pretty decent and my English better than my partner's at least :) well I arrived and everything was beautiful, going out with my partner felt like a dream, the landscapes were absolutely amazing and I felt like I was living in the perfect country. His family was nice with me, distant but very polite and I thought at some point I could break the ice (at least with his siblings). With his friend circle which was very small I also thought the same in spite of my attempts to do small talk, and receiving one word answers or "poor girl" smiles the whole night while out with them. Well none of both happened after one year. The only times I felt good vibes with the people were on Zuri fest or big party events were all were absolutely drunk. Everyday the organization here looks more like boredom to me. And when the madness of the summer is over, everyone goes back to their normal state, which I find very sad. But there's nothing that makes me more sad than the racist and xenophobic attacks I've been witness and victim of. I've heard old and young people making comments about my skin color or the colorful clothes I like to wear. I've heard people asking Swiss friends with Turkish roots why they are here. After on year, I've not been able to find a proper job according to my professional qualification or experience and don't even get the chance to take a position of someone with an Ausbildung (technical career). I have been told not to play my latina music in this country. An African friend has been told to leave the country because he does not belong here. I still can feel the judging looks of our neighbors when I go out with my partner...and the list could just go on... I really feel that I love my partner, but there is no way he could understand this. He is in his comfort zone which he has never left and will never do (living 2 blocks away from his family since ever and forever). He feels that I act like a victim. And it is impacting us right now, I am in a depression and the relationship is suffering. I wish I would've read these threads in internet before. As I had the german experience I thought it would be at least similar. But Switzerland is way behind Germany in integration and tolerance. I really never had the need to leave my country like many think here... They think I'm a poor woman wanting to improve her life by becoming a hot and loving Latina housewife in Switzerland. And they treat me that way. I mean that's what the sad lonely Swiss men normally bring women here for, now that I realize :s I had open doors in Brazil for good positions. I was just blind in love. I find it difficult to think clearly now about what I should do next.

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    The inhabitants of zurich are indeed on their own, but when you get to know them better they will amaze you. Don't over do it, be patience and keep trying ;)

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    I guess you met a lot of wrong people. I don't think there are much more racists in Switzerland than elsewhere in Europe. A bit more, but not that much. (I'm talking abot cities, not rural areas). proof of this is that you have an incredibly high % of foreigners in cities (up to 30%), and society is built around this principle.

    Also of course Swiss culture is opposed to Brazilian one on a lot of topics (organisation, work...), so if you love your culture you're not gonna like the Swiss one that much. But all these is personal, you can't blame the country.

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