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Are Swiss really rich? I don't think so.

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In my opinion Switzerland and its so called richness is exaggerated.
When I first got the job here, I thought I am in paradise.
However, to be honest it is not like that at all.
After paying for the rent, bills and tickets and few visits at the local supermarkets.
There is a Coop, close to my place and the prices are enormous, even though it is still cheaper than little shops.
Taxes are relatively low, but there are so many of them.
Actually the only advantage is when you go abroad, everything seems so cheap and you get an access to many places for free, unlike Switzerland.
Well, the high wages are the only thing keeping people step away from bankruptcy.
Guys, don't believe in Swiss richness
However it is still nice place to live, just not to get actually rich

  • Juan Ubide Barreda

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    I don't know how is Swiss. But I mean that there are Cantos where are richs and anothers aren't.

    And looking for a Job is very difficoult anywhere.

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    Hi Guido,

    I totally and 100% agree with you. People here think that driving a car with two exhausts looking like a tank is great. Now I can understand why a collegue of mine who had been away from Switzerland for a while bought a new luxury car even though he could not really affor it. He just wanted to fit in like everybody else. You can work your but off in this country and people will never say thank you. They just take it for granted that your are hopping around in the golden "Hamster" Wheel like everybody else. In my company already some people suffered from burnout. You can work for two or even 3 people and the only thing you hear is the small thing you did not do even though the person noticing could have done it as well. Is this what SWISS people are like in general? Work work work until they drop dead to their graves without being able to take anything with them? No laughter no joy just heads down and work it baby. Also Swiss people try to screw you for money whenever they see the possibility to do so. When I had my salary negotiations they staretd off with the lowest limit possible. Another dude already left because they talked him into earning less then he had beforehand (it was a misunderstanding). Good for him that he found a new job with even 2,5 h less work a week and better pay. Abother dude got mobbed out of the job and ended up having trouble sleeping and losing his plans to buy a place. Why are SWISS people like this? Are they some sort of programmed to be like this? Well guess what I am not a robot and I will hopefully never assimilate to their Borg like mentality. And the SVP posters with "keep foreigners out" remind me of the German NAZI party. They like to sell their stupid watches into all the world but no foreigners please - we just keep the cash thanks you very much. And dare you say Then they start ganging up on you like hungry wolfes tearing you to pieces. Honestly I have never been to a western society before with so little honesty and so much backbiting and bitching and lack of grace towards the individual.

  • Oliver Küng

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    hey guido,

    good point you make here. Unfortunately in most western societies (which expands to other regions) we are just focused on material wealth. People define success and happiness with what the own and what they can buy.

    There is much more to richness as you already pointed out. Good that there is people out there that realize that!

    Keep on with your attitude and share it with as many people as possible!

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    Your post corresponds to the truth, however, I would really consider what do you mean by 'rich'! Most people here, like everywhere else have been brainwashed to a very narrow-minded view of 'wealth' namely, material wealth. People here, like in many so called industrial countries have access (purchasing power) to an endless stream of 'stuff' which is meant to improve their standard of living. For example, most people have fancy cars, fancy homes etc. Unfortunately, material wealth defines only a fraction of real wealth, because wealth comprises yes, the comforts of modern life, but also good relationships, love, social health, a sense of belonging, culture, arts, inspiration, a sense of satisfaction. These things are paradoxically missing in a over-abundant society like in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the whole system is based on consumption and rewards are given to those who succeed in 'having more stuff', with no tangible relationship to health!
    Plus I'd like to convey the notion that 'you can only eat one lunch a day'....

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    Скажи, пожалуйста, какая минимальная официальная зарплата в Швейцарии? А то чувствую меня где то дурят))

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