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    Your post corresponds to the truth, however, I would really consider what do you mean by 'rich'! Most people here, like everywhere else have been brainwashed to a very narrow-minded view of 'wealth' namely, material wealth. People here, like in many so called industrial countries have access (purchasing power) to an endless stream of 'stuff' which is meant to improve their standard of living. For example, most people have fancy cars, fancy homes etc. Unfortunately, material wealth defines only a fraction of real wealth, because wealth comprises yes, the comforts of modern life, but also good relationships, love, social health, a sense of belonging, culture, arts, inspiration, a sense of satisfaction. These things are paradoxically missing in a over-abundant society like in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the whole system is based on consumption and rewards are given to those who succeed in 'having more stuff', with no tangible relationship to health!
    Plus I'd like to convey the notion that 'you can only eat one lunch a day'....

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