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Flat hunting advice needed…

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Can anyone please help explain the Swiss meaning of how many rooms an apartment has?
When they advertise a flat to have 3.5, 4 or 4.5 rooms, how many bedrooms and bathrooms and/or toilets do these different numbers mean? What is half a room??!

Thanks in advance,
A slightly confused English person :-)

  • Raquelle L'Orean

    Room count in Switzerland

    posted by  Raquelle L'Orean in Switzerland forum 

    Hi Estelle!

    As far as I know the Swiss count the total number of rooms excluding kitchen, bathroom and corridor. So a flat with a bedroom and a living room is a 2 room flat. A "half room" is a room which is very small (i.e. some 10sqm) and cannot be used like a normal room, but often can be used for storage, a guest bed or something similar. It all depends ;)

    Hope this sheds a bit of light on your question ...

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