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Income Tax in Zurich

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I'm about to move to Zurich in a couple of months and would like to know a little bit more about how much i would pay on income tax. Let's say that I'm married, no kids yet, wife doesn't work and gross income in CHF is 180,000 a year. What would be the net salary given these circumstances?

Also, I'm looking for a decent flat in Zurich and my budget is a maximum of CHF 3,500 a month. Is it possible to find a nice two double bedroom flat at that price. Also, shall I take into account other taxes (like the council tax in London) which will add up to the monthly rent?

Many thanks in advance to those who can give me a few hints on these topics.

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    Hi Miguel! Glad I could help you.
    I haven't been to Switzerland yet, but I think it's quite nice there! And the low tax rate is a good thing also. I didn't know that there's such a huge difference.
    Anyway, good luck to you! :)


  • Miguel Angel

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    Many thanks Charlotte.

    Fortunately I could change the language of that claculator into english. I'm amazed at the difference in taxes between UK and Switzerland. Here i'm London I'm being charged an average rate of 35% on my overall income while In Zurich, according to the offcial calculator, the average rate would be 11%. I think I'll dump the UK an go to work to Zurich after all....

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    Hi Miguel! I found a tax calculator for Switzerland...unfortunately it's in German! But I think it should be possible to translate the necessary words.
    Hope it helps:


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