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    ...this is allright with me. I respect anyone who does not like our country or it's citizens. Also to you I recommend that you go (or stay) in the country which you like most. As to Russia I travelled there and I liked it, especially the "ordinary people", I mean the people you meet on the street, who are tolerant, guest-friendly and generous. But I also talked to these people and they tell me, that it's not easy if you need something from a statal authority. Maybe they lie? As to Romania, I also travelled there and met extremely nice and tolerant people. But when I needed help from a policeman he shouted me off and chased me away. As it is in every country in the world: There are nice and polite people, and there are others.... Thank you for your kind and polite way of discussing a subject. It is obvious: Yu need no patiencee, no calmness and no lessons in respect.

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