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    Hi, me again.
    I must admit just became impressed by this conversation when I started to feel myself strange somehow … My apologies in advance to V. V. Enriques but you both sounds like oldsters.
    Of course I agree that everyone seek for a perfect place to live his life in peace and comfort and good harmony with everyone everything and nature, to have family and friends, and rise some children, however we all know (and as you both already said) it is kind of impossible and rather a dream than reality. That is why I think people have to keep trying, every single day, to reach the highest life standard but not just to let the river to flow away you know … Once again with all my respect as I judge of Ms. Enriques’ experience by her posts here only, I can not agree with everything said above. At least it is annoying when you here someone speaks like this for you country, without any kind of evidence and in the same time pretending to something better for his own country as there are so much people in this forum (even Swiss and not only in this forum) stating something else. I just don’t like the way they always complain … and blame the others for the problems they may have … and seek the guilt with someone else but never mind …
    I don’t understand for what kind of respect Mr. Edgar Alain S. is talking about when although I am not a native speaker I still can feel the irony and duplicity that spurt between the lines, alas. And for the calm and full with respect person like him I find it totally unacceptable and completely intolerable to write down the name of your opponent incorrectly, even it was a typo but never mind again …
    And last but not least I am glad I am not among the friends of yours - please take my advice free of charge because with such friends in some States you would be considered potential criminal, level 2 felony, Mister Ex II Company Manager.
    And finally till now I had some chances to go out and live/work somewhere else however I made my choice. It’s true I am RD Spec in Irish Company and my wife is Belgian Company COO but after all we choose to live and work here, in our Home Country! Because everyone knows …There’s no place like Home!

    Regards, and
    Look to hear from you soon!
    Mr. Nikolov

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