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Dear readers,

Hopefully you can inform me what my possible options are.

I moved with my children from the Netherlands to Switzerland in December. I am a full-time Daytrader. I applied for an independent residence permit in January and they only sent me a letter last week that I have been approved and that I will receive an independent residence permit (Permit B).

Now my problem: I have unsubscribed from the Netherlands since January because I quickly found an apartment here and because I had to submit proof that I had unsubscribed myself from the Netherlands.

I had not yet informed the bank in the Netherlands (SNS) that I had moved to Switzerland. March 1, I wanted to pay the rent of my apartment, I got a message during the pin that it is not possible and that I had to contact the bank. I did immediately and they indicate that I have to provide my new address, bank account, in writing and that they will deposit the current assets and close my bank account.
That is of course very good.

But I don't have the money to go to the Netherlands. I have no money at all anymore and no I can't ask family and friends because I don't have any. All I have are my children.

Where can I apply for a loan? What can I do? On my Dutch bank loans I have a capital of € 260k so I can pay it well, I can also prove it (Bank statement). I am very satisfied with a loan of 5000CHF.

Greetings, Anoeska

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  • David Young

    posted by  in Switzerland forum 

    I'm not sure that in our time it is worth taking loans, everything is very unstable in terms of economics and work, too.

  • Dr Jessica Williams

    Hello Anoeska

    posted by  Dr Jessica Williams in Switzerland forum 

    Just read through your messages now and understand the frustration and inconvenience you had to go through. If you are still interested in the loan, you can write directly to me and i will send you some recommendations which i believe they will help as quickly as possible

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