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Non-eu girlfriend wants to be with me in Switzerland, I am German.

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Hi all,

I am German and live in Switzerland. My girlfriend wants to live with me, but she is non-EU citizen - so how can we have more time together than just 3 months from tourist visa.
- She is >30 years old, so it seems like student visa is not possible?
- She could try to get a job, but that is also difficult due to quota (Kontingent)? Also she doesn't really want to work in a regular job.
- I was considering au-pair, but there is also a age restriction it seems like

Any creative ideas?


  • Rose Solas

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    Get married, otherwise it's nearly impossible to get a visa for non EU citizens. If you do get married she'll have your EU status and be given the same permit you get. If you get married do it outside of Switzerland as it will be cheaper and you won't have to get all your documents translated, unless you get married in German then you have to get everything translated. Be sure to leave some time on her tourist visa so that you can return after being wed and inform Switzerland your married and seek a visa for your wife. As long as she enters legally with time on her tourist visa she will then be granted a visa within a couple weeks assuming you turn everything they request. Good luck!!


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