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Part-time job in Switzerland

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Hi there!

Here is a part-time job I want to propose you in Switzerland - Mystery Shopper / Auditor.
Evaluations are making to exclude: Slow services | Poor services | Rudeness to customers | Late opening time and Closing before time | Excess charge.
Active projects area: Fashion, Gas Stations, Automotive service check.

Special requirements:
• Between 18 and 60 years old;
• Minimum 5Mp resolution (mobile) camera;
• Good memory, thorough, observant and objective attitude.

Advantages to work with us:
- No permits needed , no race restrictions.
- We have coverage all over the Europe and Central Asia (except China and India).
- You can choose the most interesting area of business for you to evaluate from the list of available visits.
- We use PayPal as one of the safest methods of payment so your bank data can`t be uncovered.
- We have 30-45 days of payment period after the visit, depends of wave terms.
- Payment is from 15 to 80 EUR per hour (mystery visit + filling up the survey on the site), depends of the scenario you choose.
- We have 10 EUR payment for each recommendation, in case the person you recommend makes a successful visit with no scenario failure.
- We cover all travel expenses in case you agree the amount before the visit with your assignment manager.

Enjoy a free meal, free petrol and more - covering purchase expenses.
You can select a few visits that fit your route when you are on vacation or holiday trip.
In case of perfect scenario following during 1 year period you can become a certified MSPA mystery shopper / auditor. That makes your rating higher and now all MS companies in your region ask you to work for them.

Contact me if you are interested -
I would also appreciate any comments you leave here.
Thank you!

  • Abiye Mannings

    posted by  in Switzerland forum 

    Hello Serzh,
    I received the email sent to me concerning the job proposaland all the details. I hope to reply back as soon as possible.
    regards, salsa.

  • Serzh Babich

    posted by  in Switzerland forum 

    Dear Salsa Maan and Mary Perdomo, will be glad to discuss the details with you. Please contact me by the address specified before. Use @ instead # as it is a site restriction.

  • Mary p

    posted by  in Switzerland forum 

    Quisiera saber si aun esta vigente esta oferta y conocer mas detalles. gracias

  • Abiye Mannings

    posted by  in Switzerland forum 

    I live in Italy and would be interested and need more details.

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