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Paypal, should i give up?

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Just a couple days ago, i just got an email from "Paypal Services" telling me my paypal account has been locked and now it's frozen my funds inside. So sad, clearly, they want to squeeze us out! I have been warned that do not use paypal for large transactions before, but i did since i've been using paypal for years without major problems. How could i withdraw the balance now?

As we all konw, paypal is biased toward buyers instead of sellers.And even worse, the handing fee reach 3.9%+0.3USD~~2。9%+0.3USD, which most of the users can't stand. However, we all have a love and hate relationship with paypal.In a matter of fact, other payment processor like payza, okaypay, perfect money have poorer user experience and don’t meet the needs of either businesses or users to some degree.I would have to say, paypal have good comprehensive properties that other payments unable to compare. However, paypal still can not meet my demands because the weakness is right there.And I thought, is there a kind of payment method just acting as a traditional bank and remain neutral between the buyers and sellers. At the same time, it can provide us secure and convenient payment gateway.One of my friend recommended me another payment option called epay,, which is a newly-rising payment company in China.I don't know how to use it and evaluate it , because I've never tried before.But the free cost might be tempting!!!

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