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    To answer your questions:

    1. No need to move; there are enough men here that are interested (or at least aren't uninterested) in Asian girls. While this isn't Canada (where Asians represent a very significant proportion of the population, about 10.5%), I believe that Geneva and Zurich are the more international places in Switzerland where the race mix should naturally put you on somebody's mind.

    2. That's a tough question even for locals who only wish to find other locals of the same race. Bars are a hit and miss, I wouldn't entirely forgo that option but you can safely ignore the too-loud-to-speak places and places that cater to foreigners (e.g. an American bar). Events are best and many outdoor activities (e.g. barbecues, sports) are starting now with the nice season. It may very well end there, after a nice conversation and evening, but if you really want to meet again then no reason not to ask for his phone number.

    3. Sure, Europeans may know less about Asian people and cooking simply because there are very few chances to learn about it. Think about a white-Caucasian traveling/living in China, most likely locals will know nothing about Europe either. As for your classification of opinions, I have come across a few weird cases of "Positive" that based their interest in Asian girls mostly on stereotypes or related activities (e.g. a manga fan who targeted Japanese girls), these are best avoided. By the way, Asians can have stereotypes about white-Caucasians too. As for the "Negative" opinions, it isn't necessarily racism, more likely xenophobia or otherwise a natural anxiety that you, too, may want to go back to your home country someday. You say that you plan to stay, but for how long? If not forever, any serious guy may be seriously put off (pun unintended).

    For the purpose of credentials and full disclosure: I consider myself not an expert, yet much more knowledgeable on the topic than the average in Switzerland. In your own classification, I would be "Neutral". I have had one Asian girlfriend in Switzerland many years ago, and that happened totally by chance (meaning, I never thought about or especially cared for Asians before).

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