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    Hi Ms. Dorothy Wegmüller,

    I really really appreciate your response. Thank you very much for your post. Well I actually tried out above all of them you mentioned. Paypal is good but there is problem with PayPal, you cannot send money in Bank through Paypal receiver will receive money with a email address. I actually need to send money in receiver Bank account. Secondly Paypal is also bit costly and when there is currency conversion involved they add 2.99 with the wholesale rate which might be higher then Bank. Moneygram is good but same reason they give you less currency conversion rate as well fee is high to send money. Have heard about Google but never try. I do need to send money in receiver bank. Most of the online payment company offer Email to Email or Email to Mobile payment transfer which will not work in my case. Secondly sending money from USA to other country has lots of money laundering rules which make even more difficult to be able to send money even you are doing nothing wrong. I just have a individual business and that's why I need to send money regular but seems cannot find a good and cheap way to send money Switzerland. Can go with Bank like I said earlier but they will charge me about $20-50 which I will not even make profit for each transaction so its getting hard for me to be able to continue stay in market and beat other competitor

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