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Switzerland is soooooooooooooo boring

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I was born in Balkan to be more specific Bosnia

I loved it there

We could do so much stuff

without getting in trouble

our neighbours allowing us to use their stadium sized fields to play football

and we can have such loud parties at our homes without complaints

cuz I didn't live in a city

When i was 12 i had to move to switzerland

and hell started

i still don't like

cant wait to move out

It's so boring

You can't even drive the hoverboard outside without having to pay charges

Loud music?

Welp too bad

No fields

if there are

the farmers are so territorial that they chased me and my brother once

Schools so boring

all day school = hell, no learning

And the people are so boring there

don't get me started

nerdy looking guys that are so serious about everything

girls either small as a stick or big as a boulder

Thankfully there are a lot of outlanders and we have fun

Then the smell of cows when the farmers work


it kills you instantly how bad it smells


then the stupid day with the bells

loud noises all the time

not to be racist but those clothes look too much like KKK clothes

Rules are annoying

You can't do the fun stuff

yea you can go outside play in a 10x10 park and what

it gets boring instantly

then the parades are boring

nothing fun in them

I just don't recommend the city

overly boring and just plain sh*t

Altho there is one good thing

and its moving out

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