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    you're obviously still a kid. I also feel like your rant was mainly aimed at school, and almost all kids hate school so I get it.

    I can think of 2 reasons for you to think CH is boring (trust me it isn't):

    - you don't have a lot of relationships (friends...). Swiss party a lot, and have a lot of fun with their friends. But of course you need to be invited. It's well-known that Swiss are hard to become friend with, however at 12 it isn't really the case, so if you have no friends it's not on Switzerland but on you.

    - you didn't explore the available activities. I used to live in Paris, and boy that was a boring city. However Switzerland ? You have everything close to you by train/car: mountains (skiing, hiking, snowboarding...), lakes (swimming, sailing, rowing...), ice (ice skating, hockey....) and much more. Of course if you enjoy staying home you're gonna hate it. So I just don't get how you can find anything boring.

    - when you'll get older you'll see that nightlife in cities is very active. Just go in the right places (bars, clubs...). You also have lots of international and huge event that you won't find in the Balkans (Street Parade, ZüriFäscht...).

    It's truly your fault, sorry. Hope my suggestions will help you get active and less bored.

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