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    Swiss people are not so as any other in the world. Forget it. They do not like to meet people not even from their country Switzerland.

    But here is a lot of people from outside of whole world. So try with them.

    They are village mind in rich country, very intelligent , smart , know a lot, takes culture from all around a world and integrate in their own culture ... Most here will never have any friend for life if they had not go to school or university but real real friend as in most countries is almost as impossible to have . They are as they are . Arrogant, not a nazi but xenophobic and think always like there is no other in world and they like to live like that.

    I have lived with one some time , and you must know , even Swiss people have a large emigration rate of almost 12% swiss people. Even they go from Switzerland and stay somewhere else, and do not like own culture and expact and stay mostly forever or many many years or decades before returning. But most never return. Some 850,000 Swiss have been emigratet from own country which is rich , good paid jobs, nivce and beautiful country .. just there is not connection people to people and they see it and go.

    Many travel up to 35 go work , like those countries, come back as nothing has happen. Do not change themselves for a bit . Like that was a some other life. So , do not try to do something nobody can and they do not want.

    There is a lot of foreigners now , almost 30% or so , and try with them.
    I would. :)

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