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Working with languages in Switzerland

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Hello everyone, i'm a russian student who lives and studies languages in Italy. I'd love to move to Switzerland and get a job there once i graduate here mostly because i fell in love with how quiet and reliable the life is there ( or at least as it is pictured in the videos i've seen).

My main concern is if i will be able to find a job with the languages i will be knowing once i'm finished with university and i was hoping someone was willing to give me some advices. Currently i'm mothertongue with Russian, Italian and English; also i will have a good/high level of knowledge with German and French once i'm done with university.

Do you think i'll be able to find a job in Switzerland with these qualifications?

Thanks a lot for your answers in advance.

  • Francesca Canova

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    Hi Vladi :)

    Oh that is so impressive that you already speak all these languages.
    It will come in very handy if you know German and English when looking for a job in Switzerland, but you might be surprised how much in demand your other languages are as well :)
    Have a look at this website, they specialize in multilingual vacancies across Europe:
    Good luck with the application process, I hope you find something soon!

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