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Should a man participate in household chores?

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In my opinion a man should help women in the household. Women have a lot of work to do apart from going to work: cleaning, ironing, cooking, going to the supermarket, looking after the children, etc.. these tasks need to be done during the weekend as women work on weekdays. Some men watch football, go out with friends and drink instead of helping women. I barely have time to go out at weekends. What's your opinion on this?

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    Yes, women and men should share chores in housework if their living together period!
    if not your not a girlfriend but another mother/sister take your pick. If he's old enough to be in a relationship, move out well responsibility comes with that, unless he's really rich and hires a domestic helper. He should do his fair share too. Both are human and both do get tired. so It makes for an equal, no need to Allocate who does what; it'll be boring to do the same thing again and again and moreover it'll become a duty and the other person automatically adopt to a habit of leaving things behind and while assuming and assuming turns in to expecting and that will lead to misunderstanding in a relationship and that is not healthy. both should just go with the flow of work share. happy plus considerate relationship. Good Luck! Happy Holidays!

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    If you are in any kind of relatoonship .., partnerships is part if it. Partnership means sharing and sharing can be in many differenet ways. You could have some work and he could have some .or you could have some days and he has some other days.... my opinion. Friends are good friends when they are there for you at the time you. need them and no closer friend like yiur wife or Girlfrind ...!!!

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    its nice if the man don't find job !

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