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Hola a todos mi nombre es felipe y estoy tramitando una visa de estudiante para Ginebra,Suiza. tengo todos listo a excepcion de un documento que me exigen que parece ser de caracter obligatorio que es el "garante" en mi caso solo necesito a alguien, un contacto que me ayude con sus datos y sea haga pasar mi garante, ya que si bien puedo pagar todos los gastos que requiere ir a suiza, en mi solicitud de visa me lo exigen de todas formas y no tengo a uno,solo es para que me respalde ante las autoridades y nada mas.
Quisiera saber si hay alguna persona o si conocen a un contacto alguien que resida en ginebra y que acepte ayudarme con esto, puedan comunicarse conmigo POR FAVOR! se los agradecería de todo corazón.

Hi, my name is Felipe and i come from Chile, I need some help with my visa to go to Geneva Switzerland for studies, the thing is that I have all the things and means to pay the school there and all pappers to get a student visa .The OCP ( office cantonal de la poputation in Geneva) they 're checking my application but there is an important document that they are asking me for and I don't have it. This document it's about a guarantor, a person who works and live in Switzerland, because they just want to be sure that i will pay it, the thing that I have means to be there, but i have sent my documentation and I have means but they are asking me for because it's necessary to get the visa. It's only for the document because YOU WON'T PAY ANYTHING.

So if you're interested or if you know someone who can help me, PLEASE CONTACT ME!! to explain to you more about it.

and thanks for your time if you won't.

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