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Moving To Lugano

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My name is Bo and my dream is to come and study Italian in Lugano.
Normally my lessons will start in august 2016 at Scuola ILI and I will live in Lugano for 1 year.
But I want to leave as prepared as possible so I have some questions, hope someone can answer them.
I know Lugano only as the city I go on vacation in summer and with easter. So please tell me, how is Lugano the other parts of the year?
I really fell in love with the city from the first second I saw it.
But I am a little scared and nervous because I don't have friends over there.
Does one of you have experience with making friends in Lugano? Is it easy?
What are the things I really need to know before moving to Lugano?
I hope their will come an answer soon :)

Thanks a lot!
Love, Bo

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