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Cost of Living

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Hi can anyone give me a quick load down on the cost of living in Syria, like food, entertainment, petrol, drinking etc. Any information would be great many thanks Gaz

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  • justice man

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    There u'll find all the flexibilty to live and also helpfull community.
    Regarding the cost of living Gary, Life in Syria is the cheapest in the midle east.
    there u can have 5 stars life quality by USD 1000 a month.

    Wish you all the best,

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    I am from Vietnam and I have got an offer to work in Lattakia, Syria for 1 year. i am considering as I have no idea about life there. is there any disadvantage for a woman to work in this country.

    Really appreciate if you can give some useful advice.



  • bassam tarablsi

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    Hi can you please tell me if you had a good time in Syria

  • bashar tammawi

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    hi Gary
    living in syria dos not cost much
    it depend the city where u want to live
    food:100-150 $
    housing: 100-200$

    when u want to com give phone call

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