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How does a syrian couple start dating?

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I'm interested in knowing about relationships in Syria. For example, if girls go out on their own with their dates, if there are prestablished standards about how to start the relationship, how important it is to meet the couples' family... You know, silly details that might just be exactly like in any western country =) I'll be glad to have some sincere answers! ^^

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    hola como estas es mi msn y podemos hablar sobre cualquiera cosa . [...]

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    Hi Cindy

    about the relationships in syria are not so far than western country, girls have thier oBut the degree of free life depends from city to another, for example in the capital (Damascus), girls are full free in their relationship and it seemed like western country, girls go lonely to nightclubs and get drinks without any problems, it's easy to build up relationship like a couple and you can see like this scenario in Lattakia & Tartous cities but with little bit deference than Homs or Aleppo cites whereas the relationships will not easy to be clear but its common to be hidden.

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