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Is Global Call available for roaming and how much will it cost?

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I need to do international call and receive messages from manila but this service is only available if you have roaming to the best of my knowledge, how about Global Call?

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    Lucky day for me, I just found out about the Global Call's latest event and I'm going to join. I'll spread the word so that everybody can get a chance too

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    I got $10 bonus credit last time, thanks to you! I checked their Facebook page pretty often to check for new bonus credit deals :)

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    I've been using Global Call for about a couple of months now, really the link seems fine on my end BTW let me give you the Global Call site and facebook page. cause there's an event going on and they are giving a $10 free bonus credit. In their site you can check out the international call rates with this app

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    the link is not working margarita but I'm interested with Global Call. can you tell me how long do you use it? and where do I find it?

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    Global Call surpasses other mobile VoIP application in terms of price and I don’t think they have roaming charge, cause it’s an mvoid app it can function anywhere as long as you have internet. . It’s also a lot more cheaper than any other VoIP because they only charge flat rate per minute call to anywhere. For calls to Philippines it’s only $0.09 per minute to landline and $0.12 per minute for mobile. I guess you can find more information on this video

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