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marriage in taiwan

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hi everyone..i'm from romania and i have a big is not embassy or consulat of taiwan, and i need a visa for 90 days..i know that taiwan eliminated visa for 30 days, but i need for 90 days, because i want to marry there...if somebady can help me with an answer about all formalities...please :)

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    yes I think it's better to go the embassy, even though taiwan is china territory, it's so much different in hongkong. goodluck and best wishes to your upcoming wedding

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    i'm sorry but i don;t know anything about this problem. u can ask the embassy or consulate of ur country here, they will reply u answering of all ur problems...or i hope that :D...have a nice day :)

  • Riaz ahmed Memon

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    Hi letty
    if someone is studying there in romania and marry a romanian girl, is it going to effect his studies in the way of tuition fee waiver or any other rights ? please guide me.

    how are the Romanian girl generally?

    Kind regards

    Dr Riaz

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    mm, i don;t know what to say, romania is a beautiful country, but..only that... for young people is very difficult to find a job because of the financial crisis..a lot of young students, or young people want to leave the country..why? is easy? why to graduated a college and then stay home because nobody wants to hire you, nobody hire u without professional experience..and u can;t have professional experience if nobody hires u... why to live here, when are a lot of gypsies, and because of them, all european hate us, why, why and why..i told u only few things, but are a lot...if u want to work here, will be easier to work there first, and the company send u here, because if is that, u'll have a good salary, if not, and u and to came here for study, and then to find a job here, u'll be payed like all romanian people..i don;t want to scare u, i just want to tell u the truth..i don;t know about what latin america and u.s.a think about romania, i know just the europeans don;t see the truthe hard romanian image, we romanian people know that better :)...thanks for ur wish..
    i forgot to answer u..if u want to married here, u'll need a lot of money..of course this is everywhere..
    1. u;ll need a romanian girl =))
    2. u'll need visa for 90 days
    3. a passport
    4. money in ur account
    5. letter invitatios
    i forgot what more, anyway, if u want more information, u can tell me, and i;ll send u a link :)
    adios :P

  • Hector Abdel Alcalá Rosas

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    em.. well first of all, i dont know anything from taiwan, and i just want to tell u that i love ur languaje!!!! n_n, i really hope to go there this coming new year :) in summer i guess.. or dicember, to petrosani o bucharest.. :) i would like to study there... or if its possible to stay there to work and study at the same time.. u know, im looking for any changes. XD but.. i guess is kind of hard xD anyways..
    :p good luck!!! :D
    pd: what if i get married in romania? O.o i mean.. how the life is there..??
    im sure totaly different than mexico XD
    well im sure ill miss the mariachis!! la banda!!! :D los tacos :D XD etc. mexican food.:P
    jajaja xD
    ok.. XD
    good luck again :)
    la revedere!!1

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