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Cost of living in Thailand

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Hello Everyone,
I'm just retired at age 49 and was wondering how much money a person would need monthly to live comfortably there.
If my retirement was 3000 US dollars a month, could a person live on that there?
Thanks, Bill

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    Thailand is a land of excitement and adventure, and Webster University. Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asian mainland and its covered area is about 511,770 square kilometers. Thailand's modern capital is Bangkok or ancient capital of Ayutthaya today.

    In Thailand colleges and universities offer about 685 accredited international programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Now the trend is being changed and Thailand is also in priority when parents want to send their children abroad for higher education apart from of UK, USA, AUSTRALIA and CANADA. Specially Asian prefer to come Thailand for higher education because students bear half of the price and get same lifestyle and education as UK, USA or Australia. There are many degree programs in English offered in Thailand from all major universities such as accounting, arts, architecture, biotechnology, business administration, hotel management, tourism, international business, engineering, medical, information technology, law, mass communication, journalism and many more. Thailand follows the US degrees with all Graduate and Under Graduate courses such as BA, BBA and MBA. There are many universities which offer these courses e.g Ramkhamhaeng University and many other.

    Students can earn good amount of money by doing some part time jobs when they study in Thailand. The most common part time job for students in Thailand is teaching private tutoring English and primary subjects to the local Thai children. Thailand is top most choice for student and parents as well today for higher education.

    For more info please visit this link

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    I finished my studies a few years ago, i work as electrician, but i would like to work in a hotel or a restaurant if possible.
    Yes i am still planing on living in Khon Kaen or Phuket maybe, i miss Thailand so much.
    I also have a manager certificate, so maybe if i have enough money i can start my own company.
    If you have some info about foreigners working in Thailand, you may share it with me any time.

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    how about u ?,and still plan go to khonkaen or not
    sorry i not go here so long.. what r u study or job u can do?

    hope keep in touch

  • Mathias Hennion

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    Hi Kanya, i am planning on living and working in Khon Kaen in a few years, the only problem is that i am not sure that i can get a job over there as a foreigner, and i need a job to get a work permit from the Thai gouvernment, so maybe you know some foreign people in Khon Kaen who made it possible to live and work in Thailand, if you can give me some more info, please let me know :-)

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    I want to have information of some good football agents in Thailand as i am the owner of a footballteam and working seriouslyisn the footballl fields in Ghana/Cameroun/Cote Divoire,tournaments can also be organized even partnership where football teams could also come and visit my community.


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    Hello Bill
    I think you can live very comfortable in Chiang-rai with your here you can spend about 1000 us a month and have some land for sale not far from the town.I and my husband plan to move to live there after he's retire too.if you need some advice so I can help you.
    Ploy ( [...])

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    u can live with 3000us at here becoz in khonkaen 've many comfoetable and 've many way that u can go esy


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