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How to avoid a property scam in Turkey?

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How to avoid a property scam in Turkey?

We highly recommend to deal with the reputable and trustfull estate agents and lawyers.

We do reccomend to all foreign buyers, they should always have a proper investigation of their purchase carried out.

Find a good estate agent and a solicitor who is independent and who knows the property market at the surrounding area and know the property market and building companies.

Also you can also contact to Real Estate Association of the area, to find out for you a good property lawyer who is entitled as a property solicitor at the area.

Unfortunately, scams may happen in Turkey, as it happens at all the other countries in the world. However, they are rare and as long as you follow these simple steps while buying a property in Turkey you do have no reason to fear.

Over the past years there have been scams by Turks and British people in Turkey.

If you type internet ‘Turkish property scams’ and you’ll find a frightening stories involving people who have been ripped off in Turkey .
But if you search and ask to professionals, you’ll see that the scams could have been avoided if a few simple steps had been adhered to by researching and consulting.

Over the past years, there have been a number of scams highlighted in international media, involving British property buyers:

The persons done these scams currently serving years in jail, but it’s unlikely any of the investors will see their money again.

How to avoid a property scam in Turkey

Do research where you want to buy real esate and follow guidelines: Make notes. And read on to discover exactly how you can purchase of the suitable property for you

Make sure your property has all the correct paperworks, and research done by an expert: A legal property will be eligible for a Tapu (title deeds), which is the freehold title to land for a property, or a share of land if you’re buying an apartment. It will also have an habitation certificate, the habitation licence awarded after a property is constructed that demonstrates a property has been built properly with all local regulations. Avoid illegally constructed properties.

Becarefull If you’re buying from an independent seller, (which we dont recommend ), don’t take at their words and ask to see the documents and have them checked over by a lawyer.

The real estate agent will carry out all the legal checks first and lawyer will do the second search on the property legality and confirm all the documents true, after than this prosedure the sale contract will be signed and put deposit for the property.

Use a good solicitor and estate agent: Many buyers do not deal with property professionals ( such as real estate agents and property solicitors ) when buying property in Turkey.
We dont find it right!
The solicitor only charge between £ 500 – 1000. It is not a big amount if compared to total sum.
Solicitor will check that all the paperwork is in order, that there’s no money owing on the property and that it’s not built in a restricted area, and other necessities.

Deal with reputable estate agents, find a good estate agent, not barmen, or waiter at the restaurant, or a taxi driver, we mean a reputable agent, with experience and knowledge.

If you are buying off plan do it with care, always deal with a respected and experienced developer with the confirmation of estate agent and the solicitor. We can give you detailed information about the case if you need.

You might be dealing with building company for your new built home, so take care when buying direct from developers, or property owners: You might want to buy direct from the building company to reduce the cost of the sale instead of paying to estate agent fee. If so; don’t be fooled by a shiny Office, always go with the established company. Ask to see examples of previous projects, to get some idea of the quality of the buildings which were built before by this company.

Buying property in Turkey is easy and safe so long as you do the right things, and do your homework.

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