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Frıends needed

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Hı my name ıs Sam and currently lıvıng ın ıstanbul. love ıt but fınd ıt lonely. would lıke to meet new people and get my socıal lıfe started!
please contact me ıf ur ın the same sıtuatıon, ım englısh, learnıng turkısh......ıts takıng tıme..


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    Hi Samantha

    İ t will be nice to exchange language with you

    Let me know if you are intersted



  • Volky Firean

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    Hello there
    You know this is always same stuation when you move a new culture and country.It takes time but I think some purpose will make you know new friends and also place.
    So I advice you looking for english-turkish speaking club and meet with friends and improve your english.(on and
    I will let you know next speaking clup,if you interst.
    Enjoy your time in Istanbul !

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