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Health card for delivery purpose (Sharjah Govt. hospitals)

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can any body tell me about delivery cost in sharjah in govt. hospital., my wief has health card . if any one infor plz share with me about which hospital i have to go,??(govt. hospitals in sharjah)

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    Mr Atif farooq your answer is very informative...
    i want to ask .. Maternity ward charges are included in the package of 10,000dhms? or i will be charged separatlry for it?

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    Sorry for the late reply but I am sure so many other can read this reply i have almost all the information regarding maternity or baby delivery in Sharjah for Expats.

    If you have a HEALTH CARD of Sharjah you will only have to pay 7000 AED for the normal Delivery and 10,000 AED for the cesarean delivery. But if you don't have a valid Health Card the amounts will be doubled 14000 AED and 20,000 AED :( .

    there are some steps you need to follow in order to enrol a pregnant women in Sharjah Al Qassimi Hospital for the baby Delivery.

    Step # 1 HEALTH CARD;

    if you are living in sharjah and you have a valid tenancy contract on yours or husband's name then go to Al Qassimi Hospital. it requires (COPY of Passport + Visa page both husband and wife's + 2 Photographs of the wife and the tenancy contract). At the entrance of Al Qassimi Hospital there are 4 counters available for issuing a Health card. Hospital's token machine is always not working so there is no rule of numbers so go there and directly sit in front the teller's seat. Once all the documentations are ok, they will issue you the card at the same day if their system is not down the timings for the health cards are 8:30am to 1:30 pm, Friday and saturday is the holiday. health card fees is under 500 dhs.

    STEP # 2 Appointment from Health Centre

    According to your Area you will get a nearest Medical Health Centre name on Your Health Card. Like (Riffa, Mother and Child health centre etc) after getting the Health Card go there and take your appointment. the mother have to go there for 6 to 7 months in that health centre. Father cannot go inside doctor's room with wife security guards are there and almost everywhere mentions "Men not Allowed". all the check ups , treatments, and consultations are FREE in that health Centres even the medicines are Free only If you are a local but for Expats only the medicines are not FREE.
    The Mother and Child Care medical centre (old Al Qassimi) is the best Health centre in my opinion. normally its very busy so you might spend 3 to 4 hours on each appointment :( . Normally 2 to 3 times in a month you have to visit that health centre. The staff at Reception they don't understand much english so look for any indian or pakistani nurse or sister for the help.

    Step # 3 Al - Kuwait Hospital
    After 6 months in the health centre your file will be transferred to Al-Kuwait hospital Gyn department for the further check ups and consultations. The staff at the reception always busy on their phones and again english is the problem they might send you up and down because they wont understand for what purpose you are there :( in the hospital after that they will ask you to pay for the Appointment and TESTs for that they send you to pay somewhere in the hospital later when you go to that department they send you again somewhere to make an E-Dirham card looks like a credit card but you have to put cash required for the fees of hospital in that. you might need to visit Al kuwait hospital for 2 to 3 months with 5 to 6 appointments. Again Father cannot go inside doctor's room with wife and it mentions "Men not Allowed" . each appointment costs 310 AED if you have the Health Card otherwise double and tests are separate.
    If everything is normal at the end doctor will tell to the pregnant women if She feels pain or the Blood pressure is high immediately go to Al Qassimi Hospital.

    STEP # 4 Finally Al Qassimi Hospital
    if you feel pain or its your due date you can go to Al Qassimi Hospital Emergency with the file and all the documents you got from Medical Health centre and from Al-Kuwait hospital the emergency will enrol you and will send you straight to Labor Ward and if they feel its the time for the delivery then you will be admitted. again Father cannot go inside with mother because "Men not Allowed" but the nurses in Al Qassimi hospital are very humble and kind so they will help you to see your loving wife after every 5 hours. later you get a good news that BABY delivered then they will bring your baby only to show you but you cant see your wife :'( if baby delivered at night time and you are not sitting outside the labor ward. And you are outside the hospital its hard to enter even for the father to go inside the hospital between 9 pm till 10:30 am. even if you are the father you will cry to visit your baby and wife because you became the Father but they will call you visitor not the Father. If you and your wife are alone in Sharjah and your mother sister or any female relative is not with you then its very hard to know whats happening because for father there is no value.

    once baby has delivered Congrats and pay the money and go Home. But do not forget you still have to come at hospital for the documentations for the baby :( .

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