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    When it comes to choosing Internet in Uae Du means Dubai and Dubai means Du !!!

    posted by  Nitin Gaur in United Arab Emirates forum 

    I have been living in different part of UAE for more than 3 years now and i have used Etisalat in sharjah mostly and in Dubai i have used both Etisalat and Du Internet.

    My honest submission is if you are in Dubai go for DU blindly without any thought simply for couple of reasons

    1. There speed is just out of this world. I got 250 Mbps in starting package and Etisalat has only 25 Mbps before that. You can go upto 1000 Mbps also in home internet if you are a YouTube streamer or gamer or a small media or run a home office.

    2. They have wonderful customer service. I got my internet through the Du official channel partner Get Du Home Services . I showed interest online at around 8 PM after my office and i got a call back from a super polite and helpful agent and explained all the plans available and helped me choose best offer as per my usage and didnt even tried to upsell the plan which normally sales people do and guess what i had installation done in 24 hours.

    I asked how come its done so fast. he said normally activation takes 2 to 3 working days or more if there are holidays or weekends. so to set up right customer service example Du provides a 4G Sim built-in to the wifi device and connects you instantly for 12 days unlimited usage till your plan gets activated.

    Isn’t it great !!!

    And Du i feel is more advanced, young and technologically advanced than Etisalat. And i would anyday love to be with someone who is forward looking and future proof to get hold of the best before anyone else does.

    If you are in Dubai go for Du. There are many means of getting the connection. But i am sharing what i chose and had wonderful experience with.

    You can go to Get Du Home Services and they will manage the rest.

    Hope you find this useful!

    Ciao !
    Nitin Gaur

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