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Service Charges

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I am an Iranian lady. I want to live in International City. Please tell me about rent rate for 1 BR in Englans Cluster there and How much is service charges yearly?


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    posted by  in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Kindly check dubizzle for more flats and villas.

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    Service Charges

    posted by  Annabel Annie in United Arab Emirates forum 

    You can move in International City by spending 45-50k for 1BHK.
    And service charges will be in between 3-5k. It is up to the real estate company,
    In my personal opinion, Foot Print Real Estate Brokerage company is the best one in International City.
    And they are dominating all the clusters. If you are interested Call them to +971 4 321 1717.
    I have been living in International City since 2015. Foot Print Agents are very kind and perfect in terms of handling issues.

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    Accommodation in International City

    posted by  Robert Freeman in United Arab Emirates forum 

    As per new Real Estate trend in Dubai, International City is one of the most affordable area which you can buy or rent.
    Comparing with other areas, International City is one of the best area which you can accommodate self by spending low money.
    One of the best real estate company working that area is Foot Print Real Estate Company.
    Three of my friends are living there in international city and three of them are the clients of this real estate company.
    If you are interested catch them through phone: +9714 321 1717

  • Easiest Way to find a solution

    posted by Deleted user in United Arab Emirates forum 

    We are the biggest and most reliable real estate agents in International City. If YOU own shops/apartments within International City.

    Looking to rent/sell them?

    We offer YOU the best market rates.
    Please send me the details of your shops/apartments, YOUR expectations, etc….

    For further assistance, contact US!.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Have a fantastic day.
    International City Specialist
    Atomic Properties
    To be the “King of International City”
    Address:Shop NO.11&13&20&22,Building NO.B4,China Cluster,International City,Dubai,U.A.E
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    Tel: +971 4 4474 188/Fax: +971 4 4474 154

  • Rent

    posted by Deleted user in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Dear Far Rah,

    please send me some details ,like :-

    what floor is it on ?
    does it has a balcony ?
    is it vacant ?

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    thanks mohhamed

    posted by  Far Rah in United Arab Emirates forum 

    My sister want to find a tenant for their flat . can u find in good price

    their flat in Int. City, England kind, X1--- 1 BR, 720 Sqf


  • service charges

    posted by Deleted user in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Dear Bilal

    i have replied to Farah as well it is 7k

  • service charges

    posted by Deleted user in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Dear Farrah,

    i just checked with one of my clients and they confirmed it is 7000 AED.
    i am sorry there was a mistake earlier.

    i do understand Persian little bit but can not write.


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    posted by  Bilal Osman in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Dear Mohammed
    Thanks for your prompt response, just one more question can you update me the amount of service charge payable annually to nakheel ??

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    service and maintenance

    posted by  Far Rah in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Totaly , Nakheel asked about 7000 AED for Service and maintenance charge ! is that correct? you said less than this much.

    and can u write persian?

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