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Service Charges

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I am an Iranian lady. I want to live in International City. Please tell me about rent rate for 1 BR in Englans Cluster there and How much is service charges yearly?


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    Dear Bilal,

    The practice here is that the owner has to pay all the maintenance and service charges upfront to get the possession of the property and afterwards as well it is common that the landlord pays the community service charges to the developer annually.
    secondly for DEWA connection all you need is just the copies of the contract and the owners passport to get it connected on his name but of course there is a DEWA online connection service where he can try to connect it by filling in the application.

    just log on to

    further more i would suggest you to avail the contract copy from nakheel if the owner has not yet collected the original ,but i suppose it will be possible by either a legal power of attorney or the actual owner himself via contacting the customer service,or the sales team he actually dealt with on the time of purchasing the property.

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    Kindly advice who is supposed to bear the service charges is it the landlord or the tenant and secondly can I apply for Dewa with the Approval Letter from Nakheel as we still haven't collected the contract from Nakheel as my partner who has the power of attorney is in Kenya.

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    the annuall maintenance charges were between 3-4k p.a earlier.

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    Dear Fariba,

    i am a property consultant and would like to shed some light on your question .
    if you are looking to rent an apartment in international ,the rates are from 32k-42k depending on the cluster i.e,china, Persia, Morrow,england, Russia, Spain.....etc and the number of payments .
    for example i have a 1 b/r in Spain which is for 40k in 12 payments and there is the same available in the market for 35 k in 4 payments .
    and once you decide on the rent and # of payments than there is a normal 5% security deposit and 5% agency fees as per law but in this area most of the agents work on round figures like 2k security and 2k agency or 2.5k security or 2.5 k agency it depends.
    after you have confirmed the rent ,security and agency then you will have to sign the contract and apply for a DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authorities)connection,which will be around 1k plus a connection charge 60 AED if it was dis connected .this DEWA deposit and the security deposit to the owner are refundable at the time of vacating the apartment.
    a part from this if you need satellite t.v,internet & telephone connection you will have to subscribe for the package which suites your budget.

    and to add a little bit more definition the major maintenance costs are on the landlords account like the air condition ...etc where as the minor costs of every day usage like the water tab or the light switch ...etc are on the tenant.

    i hope this will give you an idea.


  • Hareef M

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    Rent for a 1 BR in International city is around 28 - 35 K AED.
    England Cluster should be starting from 30K.
    Let me know if u need to know anything else.


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    Thank you for your kind message. I hope u r in Dubai and can give me information about sevice and maintanence charge for apartment 1Br in International City , my sister bought property there and want to know more about there?

    Can u find me some information?

    thanks dear

  • Hi

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    Hi Rah,

    I am half Iraninian, what do you want to know? ARe you in Dubai?


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