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    Dear Richard,
    I completely agree with you. I wish I took your review seriously, but I decided to take my chances. I applied for postdoc position in Sharjah University – UOS , after that I received an email from their HR department saying that they are preparing a draft of the job offer. I was completely wrong to trust those ignorant and I rejected two postdoc positions, one from McGill and one from Trinity College in Ireland, as the deadline response was already passed. I waited to receive the Job offer from Sharjah University and I didn’t get anything after that. I thought those highly professional people are in Ramadan vacation, although I tried to send emails and I called many times but no answer. Finally, one day they answered, and all they said sorry Sir it was a mistake. As simply as that!!! Those people have no respect and no dignity!!! I feel bad that I wasted offers from good Universities and followed the one in Sharjah. I learnt that in this life we need to follow the quality not only the money. Those people have no quality. I am sure that wasting 2 job offers still better than wasting 2 years of postdoc in such unprofessional institution. I honestly don’t recommend anyone to go there!!! If they don’t know how to recruit I don’t know what else they can do!!!

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