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uae immigration ban query

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hi there, can anyone tell me on which website i can get information bout immigration ban frm abu dhabi,uae..
i worked in abu dhabi for 1 year and 3months, then resigned and had my visa cancellation last december 2010. im trying to get a visit visa again but the agency told me that i have immigration ban, was shocked becuase didnt thought of having one. please help me find a website wherein i can check if the ban really exist en how i got it,,
thank you very much,,

  • tin quizon

    immigration ban

    posted by  tin quizon in United Arab Emirates forum 

    hi ms. rhea! thank you for the reply,, i called the uae embassy here in the philippines en advised me to visit their office personally so they could check my passport. for now, il just settle here in our country for the mean time and just re-apply after my 6months ban.
    thank you again,, GODbless,,

  • naturewalker SG

    immigration ban

    posted by  naturewalker SG in United Arab Emirates forum 

    OK tin, glad to know you feel a little better.

  • tin quizon


    posted by  tin quizon in United Arab Emirates forum 

    marhaba mr. shadi! thank you for the reply, just really need and desperate to know bout my status back there,, how could we know if i have immigration ban or not?

  • Xris De Leon

    immigration ban

    posted by  Xris De Leon in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Hi..I have the same situation as to know if I have immigration ban in Dubai UAE..i left dubai for almost 2 years now and failed to comeback and now i have a new job offer again and wanted to come back but i am worried i might have problems with my entry..can anyone help me how to know if i will have trouble to enter Dubai? thanks

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    posted by  Sherzod Aliyev in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Pls, give me some mero info bout it


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    UAE immigration ban

    posted by  Mad Max in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Hi all, I was living in Dubai for past 7 years, when my business went down, I had no choice but to get out as soon as possible since i had given so many cheques for office rent and house rent, now i am thinking of coming back. will some body advice me how can one check if i have been banned entering Dubai.

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