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uae immigration ban query

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hi there, can anyone tell me on which website i can get information bout immigration ban frm abu dhabi,uae..
i worked in abu dhabi for 1 year and 3months, then resigned and had my visa cancellation last december 2010. im trying to get a visit visa again but the agency told me that i have immigration ban, was shocked becuase didnt thought of having one. please help me find a website wherein i can check if the ban really exist en how i got it,,
thank you very much,,

  • Nassi dubai

    Life ban from labor

    posted by  Nassi dubai in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Thank you Mr.Deepak.

    I got life ban from labor office because my sponsor himself stopped me from work and asked me money,
    i refused to pay him so,he lie as i'm runaway from work & they put on me life ban not even one year ban & i wonder why its so simple just to put life ban on someone with out deep investigation,
    do you guys think its fair judgment....???

    Here is some of the details
    After i work for two month in the company my sponsor stoped me from work and he gave me friendly verbal one month notice to look for a new job or to travel to my home country,i said ok & i found a job & i gave him a new job offer letter within a week and i asked him to give me back my passport and NOC letter, he refuse to give me back my passport and NOC Letter unless i paid him 7500dhs cash,i refused to pay him & it’s my right not to pay him because he is the one stopped me from work, then he lie & reported me to labor office as I'm run away from work,as I was following up as usual to get back my passport from him, One day he irritated of my continues patient & struggles to get back my passport and suddenly out of anger he informed that he submitted my case to labor office so that I don’t bother him again then, i rushed to labor office and i reported the issues so many times but I ‘was always rejected,i have been in Dubai court & the court removed all my overstay& gave me court clearance &then i show to labor office the court paper and they removed my absconding case, also the Awir immigration department have no problem,for me to have freezone or related visa & i already applyed & issued permit viza however they told me that i have life ban from labor office and my name is blocked in the system so because of that i couldn't finished the visa process in the immigration department unless i get clearance letter from labor office or i will be eyescand and leave beloved UAE forever, so my request is, is there anyone out there who can guide me how to finish this matter inside labor office ?????

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    Labor/immigration ban

    posted by  Albert Cayton in United Arab Emirates forum 

    I used to work in UAE last 2012 for six months and did not finish my contract.i return to my country without cancellation of my visa.its been 4 years now and im planning to go back there as a tourist just to visit some i have a labor or immagration ban?is it safe for me to travel back in UAE as a tourist..



    posted by  HAMID ALI in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Send ur no

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    My wife residence visa rejected in Abudhabi

    posted by  Syed Rizvi in United Arab Emirates forum 

    I,m a pakistani national and my visa is from abudhabi and my workplace is Sharjah. i applied my wife visa it got rejected but when i follow up they issue my wife visa after 2 days. But unfortunately her father expired in pakistan after she came to uae and in emergency i have send her back after canceling her entry permit from sharjah. i,m not able to complete her visa process by that time and her passport was not stamped.Now when i applied again they are not issuing visa and saying me issue from other emirates it will not be issued from here. Please help me and guide me what to do in this case as its now about 2 months and i,m not able to meet my wife.

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    Plz check my indian passport uae entry banned or blacklist

    posted by  Ibrahim Mohammed in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Ibrahim Mohammed
    s/o Mohammed Ali

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    South indian celebrities available in dubai

    posted by  Priya Anand in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Tamil and malayalam top celebraties available in dubai...starting thousand to eight thousand aed
    For details pls contact +91 eight zero one five seven one seven five three nine

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    Can you help in removing the Medical ban?

    posted by  WAQAR ZAMAN in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for someone who can legally help me in removing the medical ban.

    I worked in Abu Dhabi, from Nov-2007 to Jan 2008. On that time, I could not continue my job because my medical was not clear on that time. So they cancel my visa, send me back to my home country and put a ban on my entry in UAE.

    I got medical ban because of old TB Scar on my chest, but I never had TB in my life and many time I had medical tests in Pakistan and also in Saudi Arabia. All reports are clear and even I don't have any Scar on my chest now. I have all latest medical reports attested from UAE embassy in Saudi Arabia. I will forward you later.

    Its more than Eight years now, but my name is not clear from the ban list.

    I am looking for someone to help me in this case and guide me legally removing the ban. I am happy to pay any service fees/charges.

    After your positive response I will forward your my Visa copy & old/new Passport Copies.


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    Need your Help

    posted by  Shoaib Rashed in United Arab Emirates forum 

    Hey there,
    I am really in need of your help. My friend is in trouble and I want to help him out.
    He has a life ban on his passport, please provide me with your contact details. My email address is shaoib098atgmaildotcom

    Awaiting your earliest response

  • kerrvie Teologo

    Immigration ban

    posted by  kerrvie Teologo in United Arab Emirates forum 

    can some one help me to know or answwer my question which is.
    If there is chance for me to come to uae?i have immigration ban and i went to al wathba for 2 months the judges told me 2 2 months stayed in jail and after that deportation... what was that mean? its been 1 year now, i have thoughts coz some lady police told me to check my visa status after 1 year..please guys help me..i really want to go back and work again

  • Retheesh retheesh

    My passport is able for visa in Gcc

    posted by  Retheesh retheesh in United Arab Emirates forum 

    sir I am worked in Qatar 3 year. My problem is am come to my residence with out cancel. Now my visa expired 20.11.2015 can I applied in GCC. My passport number K0056462

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