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Fish and Chip Shop startup enquiry

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I'm researching the possibility of opening up a traditional British-style Fish and Chip shop in Abu Dhabi - ideally in the Al Reef area. I have no idea where to start and am just doing some research to see if it's viable or not. Any advice on business start up costs and procedures, financing, running costs etc etc would be most welcome.
I think there's a market here in Abu Dhabi for something like this but it has to be done right. I've never run a restaurant, but I've eaten a lot of fish and chips!
Many thanks

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    Nob idea about costs etc but I for one would love the idea of a chippy in Abu Dhabi, especially in Al Reef as I live there, I know of many other people who would love this too, hopefully you can get some help with this start-up, I wish you the very best of luck! If you need a taste tester I'll be happy to help, I too have eaten a lot of fish and chips!

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